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Kiss This!!

It's been said that "revenge is a dish, best served cold" and thanks to BITTERBITCHY you can add "sticky" to that order!! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!! and God help the Guy who's Scorned Lover finds BITTERBITCHY.COM. We created the perfect "gag gifts" to give your man when you ...

  • Catch him at his side pieces house
  • Won't pay the darn child support
  • God forbid give you a "love" bug that BURNS
  • Cheats on you while living in his mom's basement
  • Wears Panties or MANNIES as we like to call 'em
  • Is an overall Lying Loser

You may have a Broken Heart, but you'll get the last Laugh! Give Him a Gift to always remember you by and remember when it comes to being broken hearted we all get BITCHY, before we get BETTER!!!


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Just $5 bucks each, get one free every time you buy 10! $2 shipping and handling charge per order. Scroll over the image to see the full bumper sticker.
Fuck You Cheating Bastard
Piece of Shit Pussy Niggah
Worthless Loser
No Good Mamas Boy